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Death and the Unconscious
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One might wonder why the Bardo of death tends to be on the negative side of experience rather than on the positive and uplifting side. The reason for this is that at death those with heavy karma experience the dissolution of the conscious mind. This means desires, memories, relationships, and identity itself tends to disappear.

When the conscious mind is gone, the unconsciousness mind comes to the foreground. This is where people hide things from themselves during life. All our undesirable qualities and memories which we try and forget reside here. The unconscious is very large and rich for those who are driven to do irrational things and act out passionate desires. It is also large and powerful in those who practice denial and projection as ways to avoid facing their own unacceptable qualities.

The politics of our contemporary culture also feed on propaganda and systematic dishonesty which is satisfying to the ego and its tribal identity. However this creates a warehouse full of denial, buried guilt, and moral injury as people go to war with their own deeper values to justify supporting ethically challenged leaders unworthy of holding any office.

When one becomes immersed in one's powerful unconscious mind, that power can manifest as the bad dreams of the Bardo of death. This is one good thing about dream analysis and psychotherapy which strives to make the unconscious conscious. This tends to take some of the power out of the unconscious and lighten the load of the individual at the time of death. Such activities are yet another set of things that can be done to prepare for death.

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