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An act of will can change one's spiritual destiny at death
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For people who have not made a strong connection with a particular religion or deity, the person should meditate on their highest goal. This can be something abstract like compassion or love or infinite light, or something somewhat more concrete like an ideal image of heaven or a beautiful, peaceful garden. This image or concept should be the last thought at death as well as the last word on the dying person's lips.

As the doors of the senses close, and the great winds of death come to transport the soul, there must be a direction. Otherwise the forces of karma may take over and can pull the person into unfortunate lives. The force of will can combat the forces of karma. As a person who is swimming is pulled by the current, so is a soul pulled by forces of karma at death. As a swimmer may swim against the current or dive below it, or ride it waves, so may a soul overcome some of the forces of karma if his or her will is strong and dedicated to a god or some other spiritual or aesthetic ideal.

Learning concentration and control of the breath during life which leads to spiritual travel is useful since it prepares one to ride the winds of the bardo after death. One who can control and travel with the breath during life will be prepared to ride the karmic winds after death.

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