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The Complexity of Karmic Processing
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Souls who do not make contact with spiritual states immediately following death sometimes fall into a realm we will call the outer darkness. This can also happen during life in dreams, or in states of alienation and depression. The imagery associated with this realm is of the soul wandering through silent streets and dark, ruined houses. In this realm, the world turns gray and resembles an abandoned ghost town where the soul can find neither joy nor pleasure.

As the soul leaves the body at death, the body appears dark, distant and empty. The body is like an old saloon in the western desert with doors swinging in the silent wind. For people with strong passion, the outer darkness can also act as a mirror reflecting back a world of desires, fears, and dramas. For souls with strong emotional attachments to the past, there may be a tendency to stay in this outer darkness as a ghost trapped in memories. This is also a danger for materialists whose pride leads them to insist that there is no supernatural world. They can therefore cling to the certainty of the past, and refuse opportunities to leave the outer darkness which becomes for them a series of reflections of past, material experience which validates their world view.

As the soul is able to move beyond the outer darkness, it may attempt to enter a heaven or contact a guide or deity. If the effort at contact is unsuccessful or the soul is rejected, it often eventually goes to a place for the processing of karma. This processing occurs much like a computer working taking data and balancing the karma from tens of thousands of past lives. This computational activity, which can be described as a process of weighing and rebalancing karma, usually operates invisibly. However, occultists have humanized it by creating a court or temple of karmic judges that look at the soul's karmic information and make a final determination of the soul's destination.

One environment that is sometimes used to help describe the place of karmic processing is an airport runway at night. The goal of karmic processing is to issue a ticket for a destination. This destination is the new body in which the soul will be reborn. As with an airline, the ticket's information and processing are invisible until a ticket is issued. The soul in this example waits out on a runway at night with colored lights flashing around it and noises of takeoffs and landings. The winds of flight surround the soul but the soul cannot understand the flashing signals and forces of movement that are represented by colored lights moving in the distance. Once the processing of karma is complete, a (usually) small set of tickets are issued and it is here where the soul has a limited choice of options as to where it will be reborn. The last thought of the person at death may influence the choice made here. If the soul does not choose, a choice will be made for the soul. When the final ticket is issued, the soul takes flight symbolically boarding a vehicle which rides on the karmic winds to a specific destination or rebirth. Once the person is in their new life, the karma of impulse takes over to influence their actions in that new life.

A professor of religious studies the author knew once said the doctrine of karma could not be true because it would make the universe inconceivably complex. His conclusion was that karma had to be a false doctrine. The view of karma presented here affirms the astronomical degree of complexity of karma. Karma permits trillions of beings to interact through time while their actions are recorded. The records are then processed at the death of each soul and the credits and debits analyzed. The final accounting determines the new world and situation where each soul will be reborn.

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