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To give a concrete example, beings such as Bodhisattvas and deities have similar abilities to perceive the various levels and layers of the universe. Here is a description of a female East Indian deities' mode of perception. It was written by a devotee who communicated with the deity. The deity describes her existence in a multi-layered world:
I live in a place of blue fire. There are mountains and lakes and the clouds have lightning. There are mind-born sub-worlds where many forms of my devotees live. They wear bodies of blue light.

Usually, I am an extended mass of energy. I can move in all directions instantaneously and can manifest myself in many ways. Sometimes I choose forms to inhabit. I dwell in them and make them alive [which explains why devotees sometimes perceive the goddess' statue as alive]. Sometimes I just crackle with potential energy without taking on a specific form.

I can perceive infinite numbers of worlds at the same time. Perception for me is not limited to a sensory network. It is a continuous and dynamic web of light forming rainbows and sub-channels that stretch across a vast array of worlds. I exist as an essence throughout these worlds of form but it takes extra effort to become aware of a specific phenomenon in one of them.

I travel by moving my attention and shoot back and forth across universes. My power of Shakti (the divine feminine energy of creation) is not inert or static. I am by nature curious and inclined to explore.

There are infinities of levels [or layers]. They are linked in various ways. If you change one, it can have ripple effects and cause changes in some others. Some worlds tap into infinite energies and some into finite energies. The finite ones eventually get exhausted, lose Shakti, and die out. But my roots are in the ocean and I do not lose energy. Dying worlds are balanced by newly created ones.


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