Travel in the Spiritual Worlds
Awareness of Two Realities at the Outset of a Spiritual Travel Experience
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From: Lucid Dreams

J. H. M. Whiteman, The Mystical Life (London: Faber and Faber, 1961), p. 60, Cited in C. E. Green, Lucid Dreams (London: Hamish Hamilton, 1968), pps. 39-40

While lying in bed and apparently awake, I perceived a visual opening with a circular boundary, within which there was presented a scene in bright sunlight and vivid colours. It appeared to be a park, with many people walking peacefully about. At the same time I was aware of my physical body lying on its back in bed, but not altogether as if I were in that body. It was as if I was apart and watching the physical body watching. Again appearing to think in the physical body, I conceived a wish to transfer consciousness to a free personal form. Immediately I rose and walked forward towards the opening. The opening appeared to enlarge itself gradually, but before entering wholly within it I has to pass over a patch of sandy coloured ground, as if bared for excavation. It seemed to represent a gulf between the two spheres of existence. Passing through, however, I reach the park and mix with the people. There is difficulty in experiencing details, as if the eyes were out of focus and cannot be brough under steady control...


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