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A Trappist monetary is located in the Southeastern US on a tidal river where the three knot tidal flow changes direction every six hours. The monks perform Catholic rituals based on the liturgical day passed down from their 4th century monastic tradition.

But there is time for private contemplation and these contemplations are sometimes powerful enough to leave a lasting imprint on the space where they were performed. This meditation is based on intuition and the perception of a past experience associated with the sanctified space located near the monastery's riverside garden.

In this contemplation, God is seen as providing a circle of grace where divine love carries souls into the world to create and perform their duties. The divine grace is like a tidal river where souls follow the warm current into the world where structure, activity, and relationship dominate the soul's perceptions and values.

But the soul can get lost in its responsibilities and as it matures or comes closer to death, it may eventually perceive the returning tidal flow and move back towards its true home, a divine world beyond time and space.

The Contemplation

Visualize yourself sitting besides the scenic river with expansive views of the distant marshland as the river flows towards the sea. Note how the seaweed sways at the water's edge as it slowly leans downstream and small bits of organic matter are carried along by the tide. These are symbolic of the soul doing small activities in life seeking satisfaction in pleasure and labor. But as time passes, the tidal flow ceases and the water becomes still for a period and then reverses. The water appears to violate the laws of nature and begins to literally flow backwards uphill. The movement of the moon and its gravity is invisibly drawing the water towards it causing the reversal.

Visualize your soul immersing itself in and following the warm current of the river languidly reversing direction and carrying you upstream. You flow slowly at first but you imperceptibly pick up speed. You are being carried on a river of grace, returning to heaven. You become more relaxed and energized by becoming one with God's grace as you go with the flow. Let the river of grace carry you along to more universal states of love and worship.

You have been given a return trip ticket to discover the source of all creation, and you will take every advantage to see where your journey leads you. Look towards the horizon as you drift upward and let the current carry you to the far shore of eternity.

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