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The Luminous Ribbon of Road to the Spiritual Sun
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The memory of looking into the sun can be expanded into a more detailed meditation to be practiced both prior to death and if possible during the death process itself.

The meditation goes as follows:

You are walking on a road in the evening which proceeds up a small hill as the bright yellow-white sun is setting at the crest of the hill above you. The road is damp as if after a rain and as the sun sinks closer to the crest of the hill, the road becomes luminous like a ribbon of light leading directly into the sun.

As you walk forward up the hill, you feel your feet and legs begin to tingle and warm as the light on the road encompasses them. At the same time, the light from the sun begins to illuminate your head and heart. You feel yourself to be more and more connected with the light and you notice you are no longer walking on the road but being drawn as if on a moving sidewalk towards the sun. As you near the top of the hill, you are drawn completely into the sun's warmth and radiance feeling your bodily outlines blur as you enter fully into the light. Surrender to the intense awareness blazing within you. You are being welcomed into the world of spirit and awakening to your true nature.

For those who are more comfortable having a guide that can introduce them to the spiritual world, the visualization can be altered to have luminous figure or guide come out of the light and walk slowly toward them. The guide could be a trusted relative, a spiritual advisor, a saint, Jesus, Mary, the Buddha, Krishna, or simply a being of light, love, and wisdom. As the guide approaches, you look into his or her smiling face and sense you are being welcomed and guided into a new spiritual world. The figure turns and you both walk together into the sun together. The guide may be silent, or the guide could provide an explanation of the world you are going to and how your life will change in your new existence.


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